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As we were going to press, these three very attractive opportunities arrived with us. So if you have been considering an exciting, career-changing role as either a Graduate, a Franchisee or as an Associate Director then read this section. Now! Graduate Role – Total package of £23k (including Bonus and profit share) - Dubai ·       No finance background necessary ·       Full training provided ·       Excellent opportunity to gain business experience ·       Helpdesk duties dealing with new and existing clients ·       Must have the ability and be keen to learn quickly Please click here or send your application to:   Franchise Opportunity - Share Options and Practice Buy-Out provided - AIM listing planned ·       You have an existing 'Book of Business' ·       You would like to be part of an ambitious team that will achieve an AIM listing ·       You recognise the benefits of working within an existing business framework (reduced costs; more time to focus on adding value to your Practice; etc.) ·       You appreciate the value of a Practice Buy-Out (PBO) scheme ·       You want a clear, guaranteed 'Exit Strategy' now - one that includes shares and PBO Please click here send your application to:   Associate Directors required: Only top Advisers need apply... ·       Associate Directors Required ·       10 years FS experience required/Highly Qualified ·       Five quality HNWI leads supplied per week (min of £100k in investible assets) ·       Up to 80% commission paid; Expenses paid ·       Vacancies in Cape Town, Durban, Jo'Burg ·       Ideally already based in South Africa with permanent residency or able to live and work in South Africa Please send your application to:

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I am a highly experienced and degree-qualified marketing professional with over 20 years of experience including banking, finance and international IFA

Time Management #7 - Get off to a Flyer!

A quick review of our progress to date: we have accepted that time in finite; that there are certain key tasks that must be completed every week; that each task must be allocated sufficient days/time within each week to ensure that it gets completed every week; that a simple template breaking the week into easily managed time-slots will assist; that the week needs to be structured to ensure that you are at peak-level on your client meetings days -  a level of intensity and focus that ensures you are at the top of your game, fully briefed, motivated, positive and determined; and finally, that this level of true peak performance can be achieved in just two days in any one week.

The 3 'I's for Successful Selection

Industry – a track record that demonstrated their ability to work hard for results

Candidate Selection Rule #1 - People don't change

There is a school of thought, led mainly by uneducated pedlars of success, which maintains that people can change... That it is possible for someone, after 30 years (or ten thousand eight hundred and fifty days) of mediocrity to suddenly burst forth as a new person. This is folklore. Quite worthwhile stuff though, since it enables the failures of our world to console themselves that, “Come Monday I will be a new and successful person.” It provides hope. As Wilde said, “Ambition is the last refuge of failure.” Cast your mind back over all the people you have ever recruited and try to recall even one who emerged from a lifetime chrysalis of mediocrity to become a dynamic self-starter. Perhaps it can happen, but we are talking about life habits which, after age twenty five or so, have actually become part of an individual’s personality. You won’t change this overnight. Certainly the likes of Billy Graham may have claimed success in turning atheists into religious zealots, but that is no real change: they just ran from one extreme to the other while still retaining their basic extremist personality. J.A.C. Brown makes the point that conversion of any form of extremism is simply changing dogmas while still retaining the basic trait of dogmatism. If you still want to believe in the folklore of ‘instant success personality’ you are welcome, but don’t bet on it at an interview to select a salesperson. The odds are stacked against you, and the stakes are too high. © Copyright - Ltd 2015.

Successful Selling 1 - Be Brilliant at the Basics

Is selling a tough job, a hard job, or a difficult job? Well, it can be all of these things, but in reality is none of these things. Many people describe selling in these terms because most people do not like selling, don’t wish to sell, and probably cannot sell. Is selling about having a brass neck, a big mouth, or a sharp suit? Or, while I’m at it, does selling success come from brilliance at product or technical knowledge; or from utilising clever closing phrases or from being in the right place at the right time? At times, it can be some of these things but, if you want to build a long-term sales career, it is none of these things. The truth is that successful selling – no matter what the product, the service, the industry, or the territory – always requires the salesperson to complete this series of simple steps: Taken individually they are basic, logical steps. Nothing complicated; nothing difficult or tough or hard. Just a series of simple, basic steps. But most people cannot complete them. Great salespeople, on the other hand, always complete each of these simple steps consistently well. That is why successful selling is not about being brilliant at product and technical matters, or being brilliant at debating or winning arguments, or about having all the answers to all the questions. Successful selling is about being ‘Brilliant at Basics’. © Copyright - Ltd 2015.

Time Management #1 - an introduction

It’s the big question that every recruiter of salespeople in financial services asks over and over again: what are the key features that make up a successful salesperson. Many people know (or think they know) the answer to this. However, I think recruiters are asking the wrong question… The question that we should ask first is “Why do so many salespeople fail?” Why do some recruits become hugely successful and others – who appear to have the qualities many expect to see in a good salesperson – fail terribly? Let me cut to the chase here and tell you now that the biggest “killer” for salespeople is time management – or rather their inability to manage time effectively. Yes, time management is the key to sales success… It beats product knowledge, technical skills, sales skills, motivation, determination, closing skills, the ability to prospect, and so on. Put another way, in the financial services industry, salespeople do not fail because of a lack of potential customers – there are potential customers everywhere. Nor do they fail because they cannot explain how a product works or why a product may be of use to a client. They do not fail because they cannot master the sales skills required – the sales process is just a series of simple tasks that must be done in a pre-arranged sequence (refer to previous articles written by me on this subject in this section). To be successful a salesperson needs to have high activity levels. But activity alone is not sufficient. Without excellent time management capabilities even the highly active (the busy fool?) will fail. The tragedy is that too many salespeople (and their managers) discover too late that they face a huge time management challenge. The vast majority (90%+) of failures in sales come as a direct result of poor time management. Why are salespeople so poor at time management? And is this problem unique to salespeople? The answer to the second question is that it is not unique to salespeople. However, I believe that it is only when someone enters the sales arena that they discover that perhaps time management does not come naturally to them; that, in fact, it is a skill that has to be learned. We cannot assume that given the freedom to do so that we can manage our time effectively. We simply cannot take time management skills for granted… © Copyright - Ltd 2015.

Candidate Selection Rule #2 - The Best Guide

  Actually the full Rule is: “The Best Guide to What a Person Can Do is What they have already Done.” If you have read the first article in this series, you will realise that this is a corollary of Rule #1, but one which should be fundamental in shaping the questions you want answered at interview. - What has the candidate been doing with their life? - What does the candidate think were their best achievements? - Where does the candidate think they have failed? Of course the candidate may not be completely honest with you, but it will be interesting to see where they put the emphasis. A man whose greatest achievement was getting married (and believe me this comes up pretty often) would be great to hire if you needed a professional groom for pregnant secretaries but, as a level of achievement for us in predicting the more usual type of business success, getting married is not particularly relevant. © Copyright - Ltd 2015.

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